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Photo Gallery | Sacramento Fashion Week 2013 - Hair Expert/Stylist LING CHAN

SACRAMENTO, CA - Need a hair expert or stylist, who not only can give you a great cut and style but teaches you how to maintain it? Let’s learn more about Ling Chan, who after three rounds of auditions will be serving her 1st year to work as one of the official hairstylists for Sacramento’s Fashion Week 2013 and is hair director for Miss Asia, Miss Teen Asia and Mrs. Asia Sacramento since 2011. Exciting isn’t it?

Ling came a long way and was born and raised in Malaysia, leaving her family behind.  Now living in the United States, she moved to Sacramento with her husband in 2004 and started her journey as a hair stylist.  Almost a decade of experience as a hair stylist, multiple hair shows, fashion shows, competitions, commercial ads featuring her unique hair styles and graduating from the rigorist Vidal Sassoon training, she has become one of the most coveted stylist and glamour consultants in Northern California.

​Ling’s goal is to use her talents and her genuinely warm and caring personality to bring out the beauty and glamor in everyone she meets.  Thus, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Everyone needs a bit of that now and then.  Is it any wonder why her clients love and adore her?  After all, to Ling, it is about creating lasting relationships of love, respect, honor, AND making you look your best.

As for the future, Ling will continue her passion with fashion and hair, hoping to continue and travel around the world to educate kids about self-confidence and their inner beauty. She is currently working on Sacramento’s Fashion Week 2013, NAHA Awards competition 2013, Miss Asia, Miss Teen Asia and Mrs. Asia for Sacramento, (Miss LA and Miss Hawaii in the near future)  and her own 2nd upcoming hair show.

Ling Chan Hair D'Art Show 2013 

Her upcoming hair show will be on March 22nd Friday at 7:30pm. Located at The Park Ultra Lounge (1116 15th Street Sacramento, CA 95814), downtown Sacramento.  It's free admission. This upcoming hair show will feature bridal hair do and bridal makeup on the stage. Also an opportunity to meet a hair stylist who can educate you on how to take care of your hair, what styles would look great on you, how to make your look last as well.

 For more information about Ling Chan, our newest hair expert and stylist, click on her website:


(916) 230-5785


Photos courtesy of Ling Chan portfolio.