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Safety Town

Safety Town is coming to Elk Grove Elementary School July 13th……This is a nationally recognize3d program that teaches children entering kindergarten in the fall basic safety awareness and accident prevention through hands-on learning activities…….They’re talking about bike safety, pedestrian safety, school bus safety, basic fire prevention, poison prevention, and home and water safety…….Registration is $25 and enrollment is limited to 50 kids…..For more information go to www.elkgrovepd.org


Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Change is coming to the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant at 8521 Laguna Station Road and it will soon affect Elk Grove commuters traveling on Laguna Blvd……..The 8 year $1.5+ billion dollar upgrade project is scheduled to break ground next month….The plan means approximately 600 construction jobs but many of  those workers will be traveling on  Laguna Blvd to get to the project site……At this point those involved are trying to minimize the impact as they consider adjustments to the signal timing on Laguna Blvd as well as staggering the work shift hours so they don’t conflict with all the other drivers making their way to I-5-----stay tuned.  

Water Rules In Elk Grove

As the weather heats up this week the temptation to water your yard will be stronger so you need to know when you can turn on the sprinklers……If you are a customer of the Elk Grove Water District you’re allowed to irrigate a maximum of two days a week-----odd number addresses irrigate Tuesdays and Fridays----even number addresses irrigate Mondays and Thursdays…..If you are a customer of the Sacramento County Water Agency these are the limitations-----odd number addresses can water on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between the hours of 8pm and 6am-----even number addresses get Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays---no watering is permited on Mondays.

Women Earn More In Elk Grove

   Closing the wage gap between men and women is taking time.. but we are seeing progress….A recent study shows that Elk Grove is one of the few cities in the nation where women out-earn men….The study-- done by Nerd Wallet--doesn’t explain why women are earning more than men but it does show that Elk Grove is one of the cities that quickly closed the wage gap between 2005 to 2013…..Across the country there are 22 cities where women earn more than men and 5 California cities landed in the top 10…..Elk Grove, Oakland, Carson, Inglewood and Hayward landed on that top 10 list….   Women's income ranged from 105 percent to 121 percent of a man's income.


Help For Elk Grove Food Bank Services

Elk Grove Food Bank Services has been providing help to those in need in our community for years and now they’re asking for help……With more and more people getting assistance the costs for EGFBS have been going up and in order to continue their role they are turning to all of us……..They have set up a program along with Council member Steve Detrick where you can make a monthly contribution with just the click of a mouse……Become an ongoing food bank contributor simply by going to this website and signing up----Thanks!!!!

To donate click here   http://elkgrovefoodbank.org/donations/montly-givng-club


Grove Teen Center Open House Tomorrow Night

It is called the “Grove Teen Center” and  it is yet another resource for parents and their children in Elk Grove………If you’re not familiar with it you’ve probably driven by without even knowing it------it’s located at 9014 Bruceville  in Laguna Community Park just west of the Target shopping center…..It is a place for your teens to meet with other teens in a secure and safe spot that you can check out for yourself tomorrow night…….They will be hosting a Grove Teen Center Open House and Barbeque Wednesday, April 8th from 6-8pm……In addition to the free food it’s a chance for you to talk with the staff and get the lowdown on some of the fun and activities…If you’d like to attend you’re asked to RSVP to thgrove@csdparks.com or call 405-5600.

Run4Hunger Sign Ups

Elk Grove Food Bank Services is getting ready for its’ 11th annual Run4Hunger on June 27th……This is your chance to take part in a 5 or 10k run or walk as an individual or a team and there’s also a chance for the kids to participate with a ½ or ¼ walk/run as well……..94% of all the money raised by this event goes to benefit the six programs of the Elk Grove Food Bank Services providing food, clothing, education and lots of hope to the almost 5000 people who use the EGFBS each month……If you’d like to take part you can register by going here http://egrun4hunger.com/registration/