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Breakfast In Your Neighborhood

News10 Good Morning is taking “Breakfast In Your Neighborhood” to Elk Grove……….This Friday, February 8th, we will be broadcasting from either Cassidy’s or Stagecoach Restaurant from 5am to 7am…….It’s a segment we like to do several times a year but I’m particularly excited about this one since it’s in my hometown………This is a chance for us to hear what people think----we’re getting close to Valentine’s Day so we want to get your takes on that but anything you’re interested in is of interest to us and we’re also excited that Mayor Gary Davis will be joining us during the 6 o’clock hour……….You have a chance to decide on our location----all you have to do is go to the News10 Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/News10?fref=ts and choose between Cassidy’s or Stagecoach------either way we win………Come on by Friday morning and join us for “Breakfast In Your Neighborhood”


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