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Garbage Pick-up Pushed Back A Day | Life

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Garbage Pick-up Pushed Back A Day

Christmas and New Years fall on a Tuesday this year and for Elk Grove residents that means a changes in your trash pick-up  schedule…….There will be no pick-up on the holidays----a real holiday for workers  which is nice for them and their families-----and everyone’s pick-up will be pushed back a day……….So for Christmas week from December 25th through the 28th whatever your normal day is push it back one day……For New Year’s week from January 1st to January 4th it will be the same thing-----whatever your normal day the pick-up day for that week will be one day later than usual……….All that said I won’t take any chances-----I’ll still put my containers out the usual night and keep  them on the curb for what may turn out to be some extra time just in case.   


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