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One Body, Two Worlds by Natachi Mez | Community

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One Body, Two Worlds by Natachi Mez
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One Body, Two Worlds by Natachi Mez

I’ve never really walked through the mind of someone other than myself. I’ve attempted it, but then again, how could I be accurate? I don’t know what makes me different from every other girl in the world, but I know the factors that multiply to equal me.

I remember, when I was a lot younger, I wanted a more common name. How many people do you know with the name “Natachi?” I wanted the straight, flowing hair. I wanted the hourglass. As I continue to evolve into a young lady, I embrace my culture. I love my name, which means “from god.” I embrace my hair, and I appreciate everything I have because without them, who would I be?

It’s funny sometimes, looking back. Thinking of all of the ridiculous things that ran through my mind and straight out of my mouth. Wanting a name like “Courtney” or “Destiny.” Now I like to flaunt what I know makes me different from all of the other billions of girls in the world.

My parents were born in Nigeria.  This part of me I am very grateful for. By surrounding me with family, language, and customs, my parents built an infrastructure of beauty for me, painting me with their culture. But “it takes a village to raise a child.” As I walked, read, observed, I began painting on top of this beautiful base. Adding more colors to my image. This paint too is beautiful, bright with different shades, hues, and diversity. When you combine them together, you get a scene like no other.

There are some dull parts of American culture: the importance of money and all things materialistic. This part I try to paint over, but still I crave shoes, jeans, and nail polish. But when the brush is in my hands, I try to remember that I have it good, and some people are worse off than I am. This is when I become hungry to extend a hand out to others.

There are an incredible number of beauties in this country, in this world. The crystals of protection: family. The diamonds of hope: God. The gems of my mind: books.  The pearls that sing: music. The emeralds which organizes my thoughts: the pencil. These jewels are the elements that not only make me happy, but keep me sane.

And how can I forget Elk Grove? Where I was born and raised. A place I know. A town I call home. The great thing about Elk Grove is that they try to get the youth of the community involved whether it is at the teen forums or a library event. You can go catch a competitive high school game no matter the season, or check out a Kings game. There are just so many options. Growing up these past fourteen years, Elk Grove is definitely a big part of my world. It is another lovely, intricate, soft stroke of color on my canvas of life. This canvas I will continue to paint on as I experience high school, meet new people, and grow. 

I am one body of many parts. A blessed body that is thankful for this life. This life that isn’t exactly mine. As I near the end of this article, I realize something: I am not just made up of two worlds. I am a combination of many nations. I’ve traveled from coast to coast with the dances I learn to the movies I watch, and to the people I socialize with. It shouldn’t be our difference that split us apart, but bring us together. I am one girl of many nationalities, and together we all make one human family.



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Community, Life

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