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Protect your identity while doing those taxes | Business

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Protect your identity while doing those taxes
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Protect your identity while doing those taxes

ELK GROVE - The dreaded April 15 deadline is just around the corner, and tax season is in full swing. While you’re filling out forms and gathering personal information, the Elk Grove Police Department recommends taking the following precautions to protect your identity:

· Use a shredder to destroy any documents you no longer need.

· Keep an eye on your mailbox, especially during tax season. Your mailbox can be a gold mine for identity thieves. Don’t leave your mail sitting in your mailbox. Retrieve it as close to its delivery as possible.

· When you’re out of town, have the post office hold your mail for you or have someone you trust pick it up every day.

· Don’t put outgoing mail in your personal mailbox. Use United States Postal Service mailboxes instead, or better yet, drop off your mail inside a post office.

· Don’t put your outgoing mail in an unguarded "outbox" at work.

· If you’re filing taxes online, be sure that you are using a reputable and secure website.

· Be cautious of who helps you prepare your taxes. Make sure they are trustworthy and credible.

For more information, call the Elk Grove Police Department Service Center at (916) 478-8100 or visit www.egpd.org.

Business, Life, News

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