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Life in High School Writing Contest

News10 My Neighborhood’s A Day in the Life of a High School Student contest was a great contest that called for all high school students to send in a story about what's going on in their lives and schools.

For the month of October, we accepted stories with photos and we chose a winning article every week to be featured on News10 My Neighborhood site in the corresponding community they live in. The winners were given the opportunity to be Contributing Writer at News10 My Neighborhood sites!


Read the Winning Articles:

Week 1: Journi Romstad "Life in High School" from Lodi High School

Week 2: Natachi Mez"One Body, Two Worlds" from Franklin High School

Week 3: Mikaela Benz "My Life Through My Camera Lens" from Lodi High School

Week 4: Samantha Marti "CasaAVID ‘12" from Casa Roble High School


*See My Neighborhood Life in High School official rules.