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Watching Them Grow Up

My wife and I have three boys ages 20, 18, and 13..........I coached all three many years in both baseball and soccer and while it was a lot of work at the time I wouldn't trade that time for anything...........not only did I get to spend a great amount of time with my boys but I got to know hundreds of kids in Elk Grove Unified School District Basketball, Laguna Youth Baseball and Elk Grove Youth Soccer either by coaching them or coaching against them...........I wouldn't trade the experience for anything---spending the time with my boys was special but it's also been terrific watching some of the other young men go onto great things......there's not a Wednesday or Friday edition of the Elk Grove Citizen or Laguna Citizen where I don't see some familiar names of boys and girls I coached long ago now starring for one of the high schools in our area.....and I still get  a kick when some young person comes up to me and reminds me that I coached them many years ago.

Boys Hoops: Franklin 71, Elk Grove 43

ELK GROVE, CA - The Franklin Wildcats extended their winning streak to six games by defeating the Elk Grove Thundering Herd 71-43 Friday night.

The Wildcats (15-5) will travel to Davis on Tuesday night. The Thundering Herd (8-19) will try to snap an 11-game losing streak when they host the Grant Pacers also on Tuesday.

Boys Hoops: Pleasant Grove 64, Jesuit 58

ELK GROVE, CA - The Pleasant Grove Eagles won their first game in the Delta River League by defeating the Jesuit Marauders 64-58 Friday night.

The Eagles (13-6) will face top ranked Oak Ridge on Tuesday. The Marauders (13-7) will host top ranked Sheldon also on Tuesday.

State jobless rate increases; Gov't jobs face biggest cuts

SACRAMENTO, CA -- California is still losing jobs with unemployment on the rise, while the national jobless rate dropped in December.

The state's jobless rate increased from 12.4 percent in November to 12.5 percent in December. The national unemployment rate decreased last month to 9.4 percent.

The Employment Development Development (EDD) released figures Friday which show job losses in four primary industries: government, mining and logging, construction and trade, and transportation and utilities.

State and local governments posted the largest decline in jobs last month, cutting 15,4000 jobs in December, according to EDD.

December 2010 jobless rate by county:

El Dorado County: 12.7 percent

Placer County: 11.2 percent

Sacramento County: 12.6 percent

San Joaquin County: 18 percent

Stanislaus County: 17.6 percent

Sutter County: 21.5 percent

Yolo County: 14.3 percent

Vote for best student video on the dangers of texting and driving

News10 has taken a stand against texting and driving with News10's Great Hang Up campaign.

News10 has teamed up with the California Office of Traffic Safety to conduct a student-produced Public Service Announcement (PSA) contest about the dangers of texting and driving.

The students of Elk Grove High School's Technology and Digital Arts Academy rose to the challenge and turned in some outstanding submissions. News10, the California Office of Traffic Safety and Ogilvy Public Relations have narrowed down the field to the top four finalists. Now it's in your hands!

Click here to vote!


Kids and Crosswalks

I see it almost every day--------kids crossing the street while not in a crosswalk or choosing to use the crosswalk and paying no attention to whether the light is red or green........I don't get it but when I honk my horn at the offender I usually get the one fingered salute in return.........when did we hit the point where the rules of the road only apply to others? Drive by just about any middle or high school when school starts or ends and you'll see what I mean.......I guess it's up to me and I have to be less like my father and more like my boys to understand--------I'll try......wish me luck! 

Elk Grove changes school boundaries, parents want more input

ELK GROVE, CA -The Elk Grove Unified School District drew its dividing lines Tuesday night, but several parents said the decision on the school boundaries was made without their input.

"The board's new boundaries would be a problem well before November," said parent Greg Porter. "We wish they would have included us in the conversation before saying, 'this is what we came up with for next year."

The school board meeting was the first time board members responded directly to parents' questions and concerns.

The Elk Grove Unified School District held six previous meetings since Nov.17, 2010 at the different high schools to discuss changing school district boundaries in order to balance student enrollment, especially at the high schools. Franklin High School has more than 3,000 students, but others are under one thousand.

Learn to grow a GIANT pumpkin from the experts

Learn to grow a GIANT pumpkin from the experts
ELK GROVE- With a few seeds, some soil and some tips from the experts, you too can grow a GIANT pumpkin.  A panel of pumpkin experts will share their tips on growing giant pumpkins at the annual California Giant Pumpkin Growers’ Forum on Saturday, March 5 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Pavilion in Elk Grove Regional Park, 9950 Elk Grove-Florin Road.

The grower’s forum is open to the public and will include a grower’s question-and-answer session, a catered lunch, seed swap, raffle and auction.  This year’s guest speaker will be Brant Bordsen, the winning grower for the heftiest pumpkin at the 2010 CSD Giant Pumpkin Festival of Elk Grove.  Brant set a new California state record with his pumpkin weighing in at 1,645.5 pounds.

Admission to the growers’ forum is $18 in advance and $20 at the door.

School Boundaries

The Elk Grove School District has got a real problem on it's hands----too many students at some schools and too few at others.....it's not a new problem----having lived in Elk Grove for 21 years we've gone through this several times and our youngest son is affected by it right now..........in the time we've lived here we were first in the Kerr/Elk Grove district----then Eddy/Laguna Creek-----then Toby Johnson/Franklin-----and then back to Eddy/Laguna........like so many parents we had our preferences when it came time for our boys to go to middle school and high school and like so many parents today what we wanted and what the school district wanted were two different things.......our youngest son is currently attending Elizabeth Pinkerton as a 7th grader which means he'll be there again next year but as for high school who knows.......what I've learned in the time spent in Elk Grove is that what's perceived as a better school one year may be perceived as a lesser school two or thre

Fog, cold temps here to stay

Fog, cold temps here to stay

Northwest winds and patchy low clouds overnight lead to Thursday morning's foggy conditions during the commute. But skies cleared and the sun will be shining by afternoon as a high pressure ridge builds in across the state, according to News10 meteorologist Mellisa Paul.

Highs for Thursday will be near 60 and north winds will calm throughout the day leading to a foggy Friday forecast in the valley. But the fog should clear late in the day Friday for an afternoon of sunshine and highs remaining near 60.